Four Tips To Hire A Seasoned Professional Event Planner

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Four Tips To Hire A Seasoned Professional Event Planner

Event Planner

Hiring the right event planner for your next upcoming program is certain to have an impact on the success or failure of the program. Event owners should invest the time and effort to source the right event planner that has experience in the event management industry.

Here are four tips to  hire a seasoned professional event planner


Event services

The kind of service offered by an event planner can vary significantly from other event planners. Some of their event services are all-inclusive and can help with selecting the venue, writing the menus, and organising the entertaining, while others can be there just to organise one or two aspects of the event.

A complete event service should have the knowledge and contacts to recommend the best services possible for the type of occasion held. Plus, they can even help with providing the invitations and similar such materials.



Before the budget of any event can be estimated, it makes more sense to outline the type of event and services required from the organiser.

Get an ideal cost of things needed to make the event a remarkable one; it’s better to conduct the necessary research using the resources you have in place.

Having an available budget makes it easier for the event planner to determine whether you have the resources to have a more modest event or an extravagant event.

Qualified Event  planner

Event planner


One of the best approaches to source the qualified event planner for any of your events such as breakfast business meeting, anniversary party, or weekend retreat is to rely on word-of-mouth.

Alternatively, a qualified event planner can be found by searching for keywords related to event planner in Lagos. You can also use forums related to this type of activity to help locate companies with a solid reputation and positive feedback from past clients.

If you would like a remarkable event, take a look at EventbySI. This relatively new outfit is quickly turning heads and becoming one of the top event planners in the Nigeria.

The company owe much of their success over the past year or two to their stunning photos posted on Social media most especially on Instagram, which has attracted most new clients.

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