Choosing The Right Wedding Dress For Your Big day

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Choosing The Right Wedding Dress For Your Big day

Wedding dress

One of the most vital decisions a bride makes is about her wedding dress. Your dress should give WOW expression when your guest set their eye on you.

Some brides do have an idea of what type of wedding dress they want; it’s essential that the dress you choose should be the right style and design for your body shape.

Some styles are favourable for any body shape, such as A-lines. Your dress can also help your wedding photographer capture many beautiful wedding photos.


Wedding Dresses for Shorter and Curvy figures

Curvy Wedding dress

A-line styles are perfect for shorter, curvier brides. Remember that if you feel uncomfortable with a particular style when trying on the dress, you probably will not look happy in your wedding photography, either.

Curvier brides should avoid too much gauze or sheath style dresses because it adds bulk. Spaghetti straps can also make you appear bulkier than you are by pressing on certain areas and causing bulges. Empire waists are another option to elongate and thin your frame. There are plenty of places that specialise in fitting brides of all sizes.

Gown Styles for Short or Thick Waist Bride Wedding dress

short wedding dress

We will outline the difference between short and thick waist brides.Short waist brides are those that do not have much length between the rib cage and hips. Thick-waist brides, on the other hand, do not have much of a definition of their waist, as it appears rather straight.

Both types will look beautiful in an empire waist dress, elongating the waist and giving it definition. These brides may also want to put the focus on their shoulders or neckline by going with a halter top or strapless dress.

Pear Shaped Bride Wedding dress

Pear wedding

There are plenty of wedding shops here in Lagos that specialise in working with pear-shaped brides. This is a common body shape, with women being smaller on top and larger on the bottom, just like a pear.

A-line and empire waist are great at disguising the bottom part but emphasizing the top half. Brides who are a lot smaller up top can wear a strapless A-line to keep the emphasis on the top half of the body.

Small and thin Bride Wedding dress

smalll wedding dress

The only thing small and thin brides need to worry about is picking a wedding dress that match-up with their stature. If a bride is too thin or short, a large ball gown with lots of fabric can look like a sea of material and take the focus off the bride. If you want the fairytale look for your wedding, try on smaller scale wedding gown.

Tip: Have your best friends give their honest opinions? Take her and a few other friends with you to go dress shopping. Look through wedding magazines for photos of models with similar body types as yours.

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