CHECKLIST: Just Before You Say I Do

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June 22, 2017

CHECKLIST: Just Before You Say I Do

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Have you hired a wedding planner? Yes! Your big day is around the corner and I’m sure you are pretty much excited about it.  Due to this excitement, many about-to-weds forget to do some needful things. This could ruin your big day if not taken seriously.

If you decide to plan your wedding on your own, I have compiled a list of things you need to put in place before you say “I do”. However, hiring an efficient wedding planner allows you relax while someone else does the running around.

  • Pick a date

As simple as this sound, many couples find it hard to pick a perfect date that will suit them and their invited guests. While this may be a work over for some , others may need to consult with very important guests to ensure that they are free on that day. Whatever the case may be, “pick a date already, let’s get you started!”

  • Start a guest list

It is important to have a guestlist so as to adequately plan for them in light of your budget.  This list will serve as guide to determine the quantity of food, drinks, souvenirs as well as size of the venue. Remember, the longer your guestlist, the bigger your venue.

Few days to your big day, you may want to confirm if your guests will be available by calling or texting them. The guest list will be a guide for making seats reservations at the venue.

  • Book a venue

Sort out a venue that appeals to you and the theme of your wedding. Also consider the size and space of the hall. You may want to check with several hall rental companies before making your pick. Also, find out if chairs will be made available or you will be providing it.

  • Book food vendors and caterers

Food is everything at a wedding ceremony. Make arrangements with food vendors and caterers to taste their recipes before you make your choice. Don’t forget to stock your bar!

  • Book a photographer and make up artist

Capture your big day and have them with you as you grow old. Hire an experienced wedding photographer, make sure he/she is available on your big day to avoid disappointment.

Contact a makeup artist and have trial makeup session to determine if you like his/her service. You don’t want to have a ugly makeup done on your big day.

  • Call a wedding hall decorator and florist

If your flowers are to be pre-ordered, do this as soon as possible . if not, contact a local florist to help you with flower decorations. Also book a wedding event decorator to help you bring your dream wedding to life. Remember, a wedding is as good as the event.

  • Book a spa treatment

Don’t forget to pamper yourself. Get a spa treatment – manicure and pedicure done a day to your wedding to relieve stress. You body needs the glow on your big day.

  • Book your honeymoon location

Don’t forget to book your honeymoon location. This should be done a month before your big day if it is a destination honeymoon. Last minute honeymoon preparation often leads to unwanted stress or delay or worse still, cancellation.

  • Contact your bridal party

If you are keen on getting a bridal party, contact them early and find out if they want to be a part of it. Make necessary arrangements concerning the dresses, hair and make up a month before your wedding. This is to ensure that alternative arrangements can be made in case someone pulls out. (emergencies occurs every time).

These are few but the most important things that must be sorted out before your big day. You can be a guest at your wedding if you hire competent hands to take care of your wedding planning. Talk to a wedding planner NOW.

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