How To Create a Wedding Budget

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August 24, 2017

How To Create a Wedding Budget

Wedding budget

When talking about wedding planning, the budget is the most important aspect. Although, it might seem easy to create a wedding budget, but there isn’t any laid down format or pattern to follow, so it’s a bit of an ‘unknown territory’. It is paramount to know that your wedding budget is unique to you. Always remember that it’s your wedding, therefore the preferences of you and your partner take center stage. So here are a few guidelines that will help you when creating your wedding budget:


Before doing anything, you must make research on cost of weddings, especially within your area. It’s a lot easier to create your budget when you know what you’re expecting and prepare yourself from the beginning. So, apart from probably checking the internet, you should ask friends and family members who have experienced it before you.


Every family is different. You should know who will be contributing to your wedding; is it just you and your partner? Is it your parents or soon to be in-laws? Or is it a combined effort from all of you? We all know that money is a ‘sensitive’ subject and people approach it differently. There is no right or wrong way when deciding who contributes to your wedding. It’s all about what works best for you, your family and your wedding. Once you know who is contributing to your wedding, and how much they can contribute, you can add everything up and set up your total wedding budget.


Your guest list is an important part of your wedding budget. You could even say the most important. You need to know how many guests you’re expecting, or at least, have a rough estimate. Every other part of the planning is directly related to the number of guests that will be attending. So sit down with your partner or immediate family members and prepare your guest list.


In as much as you may try to cut cost from different aspects of your wedding, FOOD should not be compromised. It’s never a good idea to under-feed your guests, or feed them with ‘crappy’ dishes. Guests get very angry when you decide to take a cheap route in the aspect of catering. They have put in so much effort and given you the best gift by being present at your wedding, to celebrate with you. The least you can do is to feed them well.

Photography is another area not to overlook. This is because pictures will continue to tell stories long after the wedding. Your wedding day is not the day to risk amateur photography. You want to get masterful images of moments captured.

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